Dear Annie was one of my favorite books growing up (and not just because my name was plastered in big letters across the cover...however, that did help). It is about a little girl whose Grandpa is her pen pal. After reading this story, I obviously needed my grandparents to be my pen pals, too. Hello, it was practically a message from the universe - how could I not? Anyways, we became pen pals and wrote letters back and forth for a while, until my short attention span got distracted by something else. 

When I began writing to my grandparents again as a freshman in college, I made a promise that I wouldn't let myself get distracted this time. Four years later and I'm still going strong. Each week, I write my grandparents a letter telling them about whatever is going on in my life (super riveting stuff, I'm sure) and each week or so, I receive a letter from them. Maybe I'm easily amused, but I still get just as excited when I see a letter in the mail with my name on it.

This is how Postcards from College came to be. I know college is a busy time, but think about your future - and, I'm not talking about your career. Rereading old letters may be the cheapest form of therapy yet and I know when I'm older, I'll cherish the special bond I’ve formed with my grandparents through our correspondence.