I'm not sure if it's the extra hour of sleep I got thanks to Daylight Saving Time or the realization that I can start listening to Christmas music without being severely judged (although I know the majority of people still think it's too early), but today is a good day. I mean, how can I complain when this is my drive home from brunch in Beverly Hills? (For more pictures like the one to the right, follow me on Instagram @anniesteward.)

Regardless of where you're reading this or what you've been up to today, I hope you're also enjoying your Sunday. Here's a little inspiration I found via Pinterest as I think about the busy week ahead. Is it just me, or does it seem like one week there is absolutely nothing going on and then the next you have a million things to do?

Till next time, ACS

Source: http://society6.com/imkellycummings/Though...