Valentine's Day is less than TWO WEEKS away!

My guess is you had one of two reactions to that statement:

  1. Excitement because Valentine's Day is just around the corner OR
  2. Dread because Valentine's Day is just around the corner

When we were younger, Valentine's Day was great because it meant cute cards and free candy. Now it's a little more complicated and our opinion of it can change from one year to the next. Even if you want to curl up and avoid humanity for a few days (which is totally acceptable by the way), use this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to celebrate those in your life whom you love and care about - even if they're not going to show up on February 14 with a dozen roses. When you think of it that way, Valentine's Day doesn't seem so scary...or at the very least, your family and friends will be impressed with how well you are handling your current single status. Hashtag MATURITY. 


PS: I love you, Stephen. (Sorry, I had to!)

AuthorAnnie Steward